Retail Selling: A Guide to the Best Modern Practice

By James W Fisk
Retail Selling is a piece of constructive work and should have wide distribution. It is not only of interest to merchants but to every buyer and salesman as well. It deals with selling of service as well as merchandise and is full of valuable information. It outlines the best methods and is a long step toward ways of satisfactory distribution.
There has been too little educational influence brought to bear on retail selling. Mr. Fisk is an evident master of his subject with broad views well set on solid foundations. Football, baseball and other sports have their coaches and trainers, but retail distribution has been allowed "just to grow" in a more or less haphazard fashion.
Beginning with the wants of the consumer, Mr. Fisk draws his line to the manufacturer and back to the customer through the various departments of the business with its many selling service features involved until the circle to the consumer is completed. In other words, the satisfaction of the consumer is recognized as the alpha and omega of all truly profitable retail selling. All departments of the business must be duly arranged with that end in view.
Layout of store; mutual education; advertising; decoration; discipline; knowledge of goods; increase of business; promotion of goodwill, and suggestions which make for efficient co-operation are features of the book. The author shows that many in the retail business because of lack of knowledge strike on the reefs. He has charted the rocks of failure and outlined the channels of success.
-Journal of Accountancy, Volume 22


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