The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning

By Henry Mintzberg
This book traces the story of strategic planning from its origins in 1965, through its rise to prominence and its subsequent fall. It offers an explanation of both planning and strategy, and more broadly of the appropriate place of analysis in organisations. Mintzberg discusses ten schools for thought, both prescriptive and descriptive, surrounding strategic planning.


NEWS & OPINION: 80 Books Every Manager Should Read - 1990-1999

Posted January 14, 2005, 8:35 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
1990-99 1990 Kenichi Ohmae: The Borderless World 1990 Michael Porter: The Competitive Advantage of Nations 1990 Peter Senge: The Fifth Discipline 1990 Richard Pascale: Managing on the Edge 1992 Tom Peters: Liberation Management 1993 Fons Trompenaars: Riding the Waves of Culture 1993 James Champy and Michael Hammer: Reengineering the Corporation 1993 Ricardo Semler: Maverick! 1994 Gary Hamel and C. K. Read more


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