Rock on: An Office Power Ballad

By Dan Kennedy
How do you land a sweet six-figure marketing gig at the hallowed record label known for having signed everyone from Led Zeppelin to Stone Temple Pilots? You start with a resume like Dan Kennedy's:
Dressed up as a member of Kiss every Halloween
Memorized Led Zeppelin IV at age ten
Fronted a lip-sync band in junior high
Worked as a college DJ while he was a college drop-out
In his outrageous memoir, McSweeney's contributor Kennedy chronicles his misadventures at a major record label. Whether he's directing a gangsta rapper's commercial or battling his punk roots to create an ad campaign celebrating the love songs of Phil Collins, Kennedy's in way over his head. And from the looks of those sitting around the boardroom, he's not alone.
Egomaniacs, wackos, incompetents, and executive assistants who know more than their seven-figure bosses round out this power-ballad to office life and rock and roll."


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There are a great many (and many great) literary books about work. There are those that search for the deeper meaning of work by interviewing others about the work they do, such as Po Bronson's What Should I Do with My Life? , Studs Terkel's Working, and The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by Alex De Botton. Read more

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NEWS & OPINION: Dan Kennedy's Rock On

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As Roy pointed out last week, work can be a bit much sometimes, overwhelming us with unexpected demands and stress. The book he suggested offers very sound and sensible advice that will probably help get you back to a positive state of mind. The book I suggest today to alleviate that same stress, and provide fresh perspective, offers no sound advice or any real strategy at all. Read more


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