Rome: A History in Seven Sackings

By Matthew Kneale
This page-turner lays bare the Eternal City, where an enduring beauty belies a history of violence, war and the specter of foreign occupation. Rome resident Matthew Kneale shapes the span of Roman history into one compelling narrative, focusing on seven historical moments that defined the metropolis that stands today. Whether you’re unfamiliar with one of the world’s greatest cities or want to see it in an entirely new light, you’ll want to take this journey with Kneale as your intrepid guide.

"Like most very old and very storied cities, Rome has as many scars as trophies.This hard reality is the guiding genius of Matthew Kneale's absorbing new book. . . . [Rome's] long, uneven, colorful history feels new when it's examined this way, through its defeats instead of its victories."--Steve Donoghue "Christian Science Monitor "
"Kneale's account is a masterpiece of pacing and suspense. Characters from the city's history spring to life in his hands."--Peter Thonemann "The Sunday Times (London) "


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Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publish date 05/15/2018
Pages 432
ISBN-13 9781501191091
ISBN-10 1501191098
Language English