The Round World: Life at the Intersection of Love, Sex, and Fat

By Dan Oliverio

In a society where fat-shaming is encouraged, it may be hard to imagine that someone could adore your fat body. And if you find fat attractive, acknowledging your sexual desires can feel like an uphill battle against what's "normal." But obesity doesn't have to mean indignity. Drawing on his personal experiences as a "chubby chaser," as well as the stories of people who are fat and sexually fulfilled, Dan Oliverio discusses the process of making peace with your body and your desires.

The Round World is the first book to explore obesity from the perspective of the people who find it erotic and seek fat people as romantic partners. In a personal and conversational style, Oliverio discusses existing prejudices against and medical issues around people of size, obesity, kink, and general fat acceptance. With humor and practicality, The Round World provides a primer on loving yourself as you are--fat or not.

"The Round Worlddoes more than just providean authoritative look into the world of people attracted to fatness, itseeks to look at the role of shame, public scrutiny and self-acceptance in the way we define sexual attraction.Dan Oliverio has written a beautiful love letter to the aesthetics of fatness while also providing a keen analysis of why and howwe can fall in love with things society tells us aren't attractive....This book helped me feel beautiful and understand the power and attraction of my fat body." - Guy Branum, Writer/Comedian, Chelsea Lately, Last Comic Standing __________________ "The Round Worldisa fresh perspectiveof new information I hadn't considered in my work as a sex therapist.Ihighly recommend this bookto anyone who wants to heighten their understanding of making unconventional desires more conventional." -Kristie Overstreet LMHC, LPC, CST, CAP, Licensed Mental Health Counselor andCertified Sex Therapist ------------------------------------- "Dan Oliverio ... challenges us to take a long hard look at our deep seated beliefs and biases around size and shape. He encourages us toopen our minds and perhaps our hearts....Dan skillfullyexplores topics such as weight stigma, health-ism, the world of chasers and chubs, fat admirers and bigbeautiful women and we are taken along with the humanity of it all ...this book gives us all tools to be more compassionate and acceptingas we live alongside people of all shapes andsizes, sexual preferences and life stories." - Dr. Fiona Holland, Senior Lecturer, Psychology Dept. andBody Image Researcher, University of Derby, UK ------------------------------------- ..".an artfully and expertly written bookthat delves into the minds of those that find fatas being attractive, desirable and SEXY.Dan leads you through a journey of discovery; discovery of your feelings and beliefs about Fat and fat people. He givesyou the opportunity to look at and recognize your biases and prejudices along with understanding the desires and passions that you may feel for a partner with afat body. Open yourself to finding whatThe Round Worldcan teach you." - Darliene Howell, Board of Directors, National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA)"


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