Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business

By Lynda Resnick
POM Wonderful. FIJI Water. Teleflora. The Franklin Mint. Lynda Resnick's marketing triumphs read like an encyclopedia of branding. She is the smartest and hardest-working marketing brain in the business - the kind of marketer who can sell "ice sculptures to Eskimos." But her brilliant ideas aren't simply the result of random inspiration; they're the products of a systematic approach to marketing that any company -- large or small -- can adapt to achieve success. In RUBIES IN THE ORCHARD, she divulges her secrets for creating some of the world's most memorable and iconic brands, and the bull's-eye strategies to sell them.
Resnick believes that every company can find "rubies" in its orchard, elements of intrinsic value that consumers will desire. Here, she shows how every successful marketing campaign begins with uncovering these hidden gems, and communicating their value honestly and transparently to the consumer.
Through Resnick's behind-the-scenes narrative, we learn the secrets of her extraordinary successes, including: POM Wonderful, the wildly popular 100% pomegranate juice that created an entirely new product category out of a fickle and obscure fruit; and FIJI Water, a fledgling brand she transformed into the #1 premium bottled water in America, with sales that have increased 300% since 2004.
A born marketer, Resnick shares tales from a remarkable life, from opening her own ad agency at age 19 to the time she famously overpaid for Jackie Kennedy's pearls at auction, then transformed her "mistake" into tens of millions in sales for the Franklin Mint. Here for the first time, Resnick reveals her systematic approach to breaking through marketplace clutter and consumer cynicism, and creating blockbuster brands with true staying power.


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We know summer is already starting to wane, but we haven't linked to Business Week's recommending reading for the season. Having recommended quite of few of these, we think this is a great list. Rubies in the Orchard by Lynda Resnick with Francis Wilkinson Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging and Outmarketing Your Competition by Guy Kawasaki Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty: Managing in a Downturn by Ram Charan The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt by T. Read more

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Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business by Lynda Resnick with Francis Wilkinson, Doubleday, 204 pages, $24. 95, Hardcover, February 2009, ISBN 9780385525787 When Lynda Resnick and her husband, Stewart, invested in some land that just happened to yield pomegranates, they didn't think it would propel them into one of the most interesting tales in recent product marketing. But, Stewart suggested they try farming the fruit, and the result was a juice in a little bottle called POM. Read more

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When Lynda Resnick sent us advanced reading copies of her new book, Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business, she didn't just put them put them in one of the many bubble mailers or publisher boxes we're flooded with every day. She placed them amongst pomegranate goodies, Fiji Water and other products she's marketed over the years in one of the nicest care packages we've ever received, all nicely presented in a wicker basket. She is, to be sure, a masterful marketer, and she sat down with Charlie Rose recently to share some of her secrets. Read more


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