The Ruby Seat

By Joseph Rector

Cyril Bankstrom lives alone on the shores of a sparkling Adirondack lake. He is a quiet, humble man who---after great suffering---acquires a rare and mystical gift of sensing God's Oneness in all things. But for the past 40 years the same haunting nightmare has tortured him---his hands are covered with blood; a child is screaming; a white house is burning, and in a large pine tree, a noose hangs in the moonlight.

In the eyes of his one true friend, Eva, Cyril is perfect, and she has grown to love and admire him. He is the opposite of the things she hates about her imprisoned, alcoholic father. Then a stranger appears in the dark woods with the truth of the old man's past.

Cyril and Eva must journey deep in the forest to find the peace or death that awaits them.

"A wonderfully compelling story-poignant, funny, deeply wise and rich with redemption." -Reeve Lindbergh, National best-selling author of Under A Wing "This thoughtfully plotted, fast moving coming-of-age novel is very hard to put down. The people are full-hearted, often funny, yet deeply touching at the same time. Above all, the Adirondack Lake landscape is so powerfully and beautifully rendered that it may be the most important character of all: revealing, sacred, rich with possibility and with healing love." -Reeve Lindbergh, Author of No More Words and Homer, The Library Cat "A touching and vividly written story about love, trust, redemption and the resilience of the human spirit. I found it uplifting." -Daniel way, Adirondack Physician, author, photographer.


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Publisher Koehler Books
Publish date 01/01/2014
Pages 232
ISBN-13 9781938467684
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