Run Your Own Corporation: How to Legally Operate and Properly Maintain Your Company Into the Future

By Garrett Sutton
I ve set up my corporation. Now what do I do?
All too often business owners and real estate investors are asking this question. They have formed their protective entity be it a corporation, LLC or LP and don t know what to do next.
Run Your Own Corporation provides the solution to this very common dilemma. Breaking down the requirements chronologically (ie the first day, first quarter, first year) the book sets forth all the tax and corporate and legal matters new business owners must comply with. Written by Rich Dad s Advisor Garrett Sutton, Esq., who also authored the companion edition Start Your Own Corporation, the book clearly identifies what must be done to properly maintain and operate your corporation entity.
From the first day, when employer identification numbers must be obtained in order to open up a bank account, to the fifth year when trademark renewals must be filed, and all the requirements in between, Run Your Own Corporation is a unique resource that all business owners and investors must have.
Rich Dad/Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki states, Run Your Own Corporation is the missing link for most entrepreneurs. They ve set up their entity, but don t know the next steps. Garrett Sutton s book provides valuable information needed at the crucial start up phase of operations. It is highly recommended reading.
When Start Your Own Corporation is combined with Run Your Own Corporation readers have a two book set that offers the complete corporate picture."

RUN YOUR OWN CORPORATION (Kirkus Book Review November 1, 2012)

Accomplished attorney and author Sutton (Start Your Own Corporation, 2012, etc.) presents a second volume on how to build a well-protected business from the ground up. If it seems like Sutton is leading a tour through every entrepreneur s worst nightmare, it s because the path to running a successful corporation is rife with pitfalls. Founder of Sutton Law Center and a Rich Dad s Advisor series contributor, Sutton knows what can happen when entrepreneurs ignore proper bookkeeping and other corporate formalities. Hefty tax liabilities, expensive lawsuits and criminal investigations can doom a business. Rather than cower from the dangers, Sutton digs in with an us-versus-them attitude and explains how to build a corporate veil that will be difficult for outsiders to penetrate, whether they be sue-happy clients or overzealous creditors. Stuffed with legal concepts but remarkably easy to follow, the book traces the evolution of three fictitious businesses over a five-year periodan engineering firm, a beauty salon and a housesitting venture. These case studies illustrate the basics of personal asset protection and legal documentation. Topics include choosing a corporate entity, payroll taxes, annual filings, IRS audits and more. Options are laid out with brutal candor because the consequences can be grave. One imaginary entrepreneur loses $15,000 due to trademark infringement, and another is sentenced to prison following a dubious tax investigation. The narratives can be a bit over-the-top, but it s forgivable because a skilled attorney will anticipate worst-case scenarios. Sutton casts a wide defensive net, even highlighting the risks posed by social media websites. Government agencies like the IRS and OSHA are viewed with suspicion, and entrepreneurs are urged to rise above bureaucracy by following the rules. Sutton makes no apologies for the tactics used by the wealthy; while he insists readers pay their taxes, he shows ways to legally reduce their liabilities. The timeline of the book is ambitious, since many startups are barely profitable after five years, but Sutton s strategies can be applied regardless of scope. Part survival guide, part cautionary tale, a volume in which every aspiring entrepreneur should invest. "


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