Safe Money Millionaire: The Secret to Growing Wealthy Without Losing Your Money in the Wall Street Roller Coaster

By Ethan Kap, Brett Kitchen

The "Safe Money Millionaire" debunks the financial wisdom that has cost Americans trillions in losses in the stock market. Now more than ever baby boomers and Americans saving for retirement are looking for safety for their money rather than chasing returns on Wall Street. In this book we crush the financial myths ranging from 401(k)'s being a good place for retirement savings, to diversifying with Mutual Funds, to keeping your credit score high and getting a low interest rate. The solution is a predictable, easy to follow plan to growing wealthy without risking money on Wall Street, reducing or eliminating interest paid to banks and credit card companies, plus protecting yourself from taxes that can ravage retirement savings in qualified plans.

From the Publisher:

It's time to say goodbye to the tired financial advice that has lost Americans Trillions of dollars in wealth. Contrary to what the Wall Street propaganda machine would have you believe....there's no need to risk your hard earned money in order to grow wealthy.
Within these pages you'll learn the "Safe Money Millionaire" plan that can grow your wealth safely and protect you against the ravages of unknown future tax liabilities. Plus you'll learn how to "Finance Yourself To Wealth" and reduce or eliminate the amount of interest you pay to banks and credit card companies.
Here's What You'll Discover:
* How you could add $800,000 to over 1 Million dollars to your family's wealth with a simple, predictable plan, without risk in the market.
* Why financial guru's and Wall Street don't promote this 100 Year old secret to safe money wealth.
* A safe place to shelter your hard earn retirement savings from future market crashes.
* The shocking truth about rates of return, and why a higher 'rate of return' doesn't mean you are getting wealthier!
* How to "Finance Yourself To Wealth" and reduce or eliminate the interest you pay to banks and credit card companies.
* What a Bank Robber named Willy Sutton teaches about who is really out to confiscate your wealth.
* The secrets most people never know about the giant tax bite you could pay on your 401(k) savings. (You could end up paying 5 times more in taxes than you'll save!)
* Financial Guru's Exposed: Suze Orman practice what she preaches? Jim "Mad Money" Cramer's advice make people money?
* Why John D. Rockefeller said "If I had to give any advice, it would be to keep out of Wall Street"
* How fee's could be ravaging your 401(k) and Mutual Funds costing you thousands of dollars and years of retirement.

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Publish date 08/01/2011
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ISBN-13 9781600379741
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