Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000: Running a Business in Today's Consumer-Driven World

By Pete Blackshaw
In today's Internet-driven world, customers have more power than ever. Through what interactive marketing expert Pete Blackshaw calls "consumer-generated media" blogs, social networking pages, message boards, product review sites even a single disgruntled customer can broadcast his complaints to an audience of millions. Blackshaw shows managers, marketers, and business leaders how to establish and maintain credibility for their brand by being authentic, listening and responding to customers, and forming relationships built on openness, transparency, and trust.Filled with stories based on his experience working with Fortune 500 brands such as Toyota, Dell, Nike, Sony, General Motors, Hershey, Unilever, Nestle, Lexus, and Bank of America, Blackshaw offers a clear strategy to sustain a competitive advantage by creating enduring, loyal relationships with today's consumer.

"When bad news hits, you won't have time to read this book -- so you better read it "now"!. For marketers coping with a consumer who's skeptical and networked, Pete gives us a first aid kit, a bullet, and a shot of whiskey." - Ted McConnell, Director of Interactive/Digital Innovation, Procter & Gamble "The only way this book could provide a more substantial take on consumer generated media is if Blackshaw allowed his readers to write it themselves." -Dave Balter, CEO, BzzAgent "Blackshaw is "absolutely" "right," We're experiencing an unmistakable ground shift in how consumers talk to companies. Pete's book calls it out, and lays out a practical road map for managing these new dynamics." -Beth Thomas-Kim, Director of Consumer Services, Nestle USA, and Chair, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals "Much more than a cautionary tale -- this book helps marketers understand how to build and nurture brands in a world where consumer generated media is growing by leaps and bounds." -Ted Woehrle, SVP Marketing & Brand Management, Newell Rubbermaid "Pete Blackshaw really gets it. For marketers and other corporate control freaks, it's about diving in and letting go. As a blogger myself at Sony, I've dogeared several pages from the book that I will be referring back to from time to time. " -Rick Clancy, SVP, Corporate Communications, Sony Electronics

"Powerful and compelling. [Blackshaw's] book lays out a straightforward roadmap for companies and brands to follow to re-engineer the way they listen, respond, and engage with today's empowered consumers!" -Linnea Johnson, Director, Unilever Consumer Services "Highly-readable....Proves the importance andvalue of credibility, and delivers practical advice on how to earn credibility through authentic relationship management." - Jim Boyce, President, North America, Convergys Corporation "Provides frank insight...on how marketers and consumer affairs professionals can more effectively navigate this new landscape. Net result: [SATISFIED CUSTOMERS TELL THREE FRIENDS] helps me stay on top of my game. " -Tom Asher, Head of Consumer Relations North America, Levi Strauss & Co ""This book is far less about technology or the 'next cool thing' than very simple truths and principles - earning trust and building credibility through listening, responsiveness, dependability and performance. BBB has served as the marketplace voice for these principles for nearly 100 years, and Pete puts them all into a contemporary mission critical context." - Steven J. Cole, "President and CEO," Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

"A practical how-to guide -- filled with great examples and stories -- on how to build your brand authentically in today's world." - Tony Hsieh, CEO -


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About the Hardcover

Publisher Broadway Business
Publish date 07/20/2008
Pages 193
ISBN-13 9780385522724
ISBN-10 038552272X
Language English

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