Selling the Wheel: Choosing the Best Way to Sell for You Your Company Your Customers

By Jeff Cox, Howard Stevens
Jeff Cox displayed his remarkable gift for translating complex theories into entertaining stories as the coauthor of "Zapp!" and "The Goal." Now, in collaboration with sales and marketing guru Howard Stevens, CEO of the H. R. Chally Group, he tells a story in the style of an ancient parable to reveal vital lessons gleaned from decades of research on salespeople and customers -- lessons that will help you identify the right way to sell successfully.
"Selling the Wheel" recounts the story of Max, the resourceful fellow who invented the Wheel and found himself faced with the challenge of convincing people to accept his breakthrough innovation. In so doing, it demonstrates four essential selling styles, each requiring a distinctly different type of salesperson and selling approach. As Chally's research clearly shows, no company can be all things to all customers: sales tactics and strategies must change as technologies and markets mature to reflect new values demanded by customers. Written with humor and filled with practical insights, "Selling the Wheel" will be treasured by managers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs everywhere.


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