Sex, College, and Social Media: A Commonsense Guide to Navigating the Hookup Culture

By Cindy Pierce
Sex in college has never been simple. And with modern technology, the rising rates of sexual assault and STDs, and an increasingly ambiguous hookup culture, it is getting ever more complex.
Sex, College, and Social Media: A Commonsense Guide to Navigating the Hookup Culture is a compassionate, funny, and well-researched primer for the modern college student, both male and female. It covers a range of topics, including:
How improved communication can make sex better for everyone
Ways that porn and the media have warped our expectations
Trustworthy information about STDs and contraception
How to have a healthy relationship with alcohol and drugs
What terminology is appropriate and respectful to use for all things LGBTQ
The facts about sexual assault on campus, and what to do if you or someone you know is assaulted
and much more
Based on author Cindy Pierce s experience talking to college students and on extensive social and medical research, Sex, College, and Social Media provides trustworthy answers for pressing questions about all aspects of the college social scene. It will prepare entering freshmen for their new environment and continue to provide helpful and supportive guidance through senior year and beyond.


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Publisher Routledge
Publish date 09/27/2016
Pages 208
ISBN-13 9781629561714
ISBN-10 1629561711
Language English

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