Shattered Hearts

By Rich Schiesser

The powerful tale of three very different Atlanta families whose lives intersect and collide in violent and unexpected ways. One is a middle-class family struggling with the challenges of raising two teen-aged sons who are far apart in age, temperament and needs. Another is a law enforcement family with surprising conflicts of its own. The third is a family of bikers ruthlessly focused on growing their drug business to teens, no matter the costs. The intertwining of these very diverse lives is an emotional drama with surprise twists that ultimately renews a reader's faith in the human condition.

"Schiesser's novel soars as high as the Eiffel Tower and then plummets through Atlanta's gangs to a parent's worst nightmare. Absolutely un-put-downable." -Mary Arno, award-winning author of Thanksgiving "Schiesser's emotionally complex yet realistic drama about three families' struggles with their own form of tragedy catches you by surprise all the way through, and leaves one to ponder the truth of whether we are, indeed, all the same despite it all." -Christopher Leibig, Next Generation Indie Award winner for Almost Mortal (Best Religious Fiction, 2016) "Three families. Three separate conflicts. One collision. With twists that will keep you engrossed until the end." -Betsy Ashton, author of the Mad Max Mystery Series "From the onset, Shattered Hearts grabbed my attention and held it until the end. Rich Schiesser's characters are intelligent, charming and relatable. The MacDonald's story is intensely sad, delivering a powerful message of love, understanding, family togetherness, and the ability to overcome. I cannot wait to see what he writes next." -Ronald Belfort, author of Brooklyn Girl "Shattered Hearts, where three very different families' lives collide in a tale of violence and sadness, mixed with a good dose of hope." -Heather Weidner, author of Secret Lives and Private Eyes and part of the Virginia is for Mysteries anthology series "Rich Schiesser is a talented writer and a polished storyteller. I believe he is off and running with Shattered Hearts." -Glen Alan Burke, author of Jesse, Chanticleer Book Award, First in Category, winner in Paranormal "If you have raised or are raising a challenging teen whose unique gifts and personality make these years fraught with conflict, anxious parental nights, and deep concern for the outcome, Rich Schiesser's Shattered Hearts will ring true. This story portrays a decent middle-class family who love one another yet encounter teen drug use in their home. The author captures the confusion and pain the parents face as they strive to understand and help their struggling son. Simultaneously, this seventeen-year-old on the cusp of manhood is shown from many viewpoints with all his flaws and his strengths. The reader sympathizes with all involved as they interact with a teen whose lack of judgment and quick temper spur his decisions. Doug, the challenging but good-hearted rebel, is well fleshed out and was my favorite character. In a realistic and nonjudgmental way, the author portrays how family conflict spirals out of control on both sides, bringing law enforcement and the Tough Love program into the picture. Remorse, confusion, and angst on the parental side clashes with bravado, deception and finally faltering growth on the teen side. Law enforcement and a wonderfully balanced and kind grandmother play strong supportive roles. High praise goes to Schiesser for his sympathetic look at troubled teens and their anxious family members. Adult and YA readers will root for all involved as they face more than one event that produces urgent concern and hope that this family will work it all out in time to prevent disaster." -Melinda Inman, award-winning author of Refuge


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Publisher Koehler Books
Publish date 05/15/2016
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