Sheppard and the French Rescue

By G William Weatherly

Captain Sheppard McCloud is unexpectedly called to Washington in May of 1942 while his ship, the battle cruiser Argonne is in dry dock undergoing repairs from the Battle of Cape Vilan. At a luncheon with President Roosevelt and the new head of the OSS, he is informed of his next mission--this time unsupported, in a race against General Rommel's panzers to save the French Fleet at Mers-el-KEbir. Intrigue, spies, the 'Maquis', plots by both the Italians and his nemesis from Sheppard of the Argonne German Admiral SchrOder, make a thrilling page turner that readers will find hard to put down.


"Another fascinating tour de force of naval warfare by the author and a fitting sequel to his first. His seamless blending of historical fact and fiction brings alive the maritime engagements of World War II so vividly that it almost makes us seafarers want to get on to a plotting sheet and recreate the maneuvers of the gripping Fleet actions. G. Wm Weatherly has indeed emerged as the foremost author of authentic naval action and on par with some of the best before him."
--Commodore A Jai Singh, IN (Retd), Vice President, Indian Maritime Foundation

"Well, he's done it again--G. William Weatherly that is--or his avatar CAPT Sheppard McCloud, Commanding Officer of the storied Battle Cruiser USS Argonne, as they continue their extraordinary exploits within an alternative history of World War II--the way things might have been, given that a different butterfly was accidentally stepped on at some distant place a long time ago.

"I would highly recommend Sheppard and the French Rescue regardless of whether the prospective reader does or does not consider him or herself relatively knowledgeable about history or naval matters. You can be assured that those areas about which you do not feel knowledgeable are indeed accurate--which is not always the case about other works in this general genre."
--CAPT Jim Patton, Jr., USN (ret), Naval Submarine League

"This book is a bit technical, but without this detail, it would be much less of a book. It is a must read for anyone interested in WW II, war at sea, fighting capital ships, and the role submarines played in the sea-battles of WW II."
--Robert G. Williscroft, PhD, Author of the Bestselling Operation Ivy Bells and The Starchild Series--modern hard science fiction

"Having read G. William Weatherly's French Rescue, I can congratulate him to another superb book after Sheppard of the Argonnne!

--Raimund Wallner, Captain German Navy (ret.)

"William Weatherly's Sheppard and the French Rescue is a worthy and most readable sequel to his first novel Sheppard of the Argonne. The author adeptly and skillfully continues to develop the character of Captain Sheppard McCloud, giving the reader an insight into the thoughts and private life of a brave but very human captain who, in his super-capable battle cruiser, is pitted against the odds.

In sum this book is a superlative narration of the complexities and demands of warfare at sea and is very much in the mould of C.S. Forrester's Hornblower series. William Weatherly is to be congratulated in delivering a novel which has all the ingredients of a first-rate read which describes maritime warfare in the WWII era in a very comprehensive but understandable style."

--Captain Dan Conley, OBE, RN, co-author, Cold War Command


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