Sleep to Win!: Secrets to Unlocking Your Athletic Excellence in Every Sport

By Haley A Davis, James B Maas
Professional hockey player Mike Greenza was a first-round draft pick out of Cornell University, full of youth, talent, and unlimited potential. Midway through his second NHL season, that potential is still unrealized. He and his team struggle, scraping the bottom of their division. A chance comment by Greenza's little sister, Britt, changes everything. Reacting to her brother's moodiness and fatigue, she reminds him of former professor Dr. Jim Maas, who had been an advisor to his Cornell team and a nationally renowned sleep coach. Told as a fable and filled with performance-enhancing scientific facts for athletes of every level in all sports, Sleep to Win follows Greenza as the season unfolds. He reconnects with Maas, author and world renowned sleep researcher, who schools him in the latest sleep research as it applies to athletes, including the exact amount of sleep athletes need; how a specific sleep stage actually enhances what is practiced; a way to heal (and prevent) injury with extra rest; and the elements of the perfect pre-game nap. Soon, Mike is skating better and scoring more, his teammates are jumping on the sleep-to-win bandwagon, his coach is becoming a believer, and the entire team is climbing out of the cellar and into the Stanley Cup playoffs-a testament to the power of sleep."


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Publisher Authorhouse
Publish date 01/22/2013
Pages 132
ISBN-13 9781481707237
ISBN-10 148170723X
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