Social Value Investing: A Management Framework for Effective Partnerships

By Howard W Buffett, William B Eimicke
Social Value Investing presents a new way to approach some of society's most difficult and intractable challenges. Although many of our world's problems may seem too great and too complex to solve -- inequality, climate change, affordable housing, corruption, healthcare, food insecurity -- solutions to these challenges do exist, and will be found through new partnerships bringing together leaders from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

In their new book, Howard W. Buffett and William B. Eimicke present a five-point management framework for developing and measuring the success of such partnerships. Inspired by value investing -- one of history's most successful investment paradigms -- this framework provides tools to maximize collaborative efficiency and positive social impact, so that major public programs can deliver innovative, inclusive, and long-lasting solutions. It also offers practical insights for any private sector CEO, public sector administrator, or nonprofit manager hoping to build successful cross-sector collaborations.

Social Value Investing tells the compelling stories of cross-sector partnerships from around the world -- Central Park and the High Line in New York City, community-led economic development in Afghanistan, and improved public services in cities across Brazil. Drawing on lessons and observations from a broad selections of collaborations, this book combines real life stories with detailed analysis, resulting in a blueprint for effective, sustainable partnerships that serve the public interest. Readers also gain access to original, academic case material and professionally produced video documentaries for every major partnerships profiled -- bringing to life the people and stories in a way that few other business or management books have done.

In this important new book, Howard W. Buffett and William Eimicke have created a simple framework for building lasting social change through partnerships. They provide insights on what has worked, what has not worked, and the lessons learned. These best practices are a great guide for NGOs, private sector firms, and governments that are forging new partnerships. This should be essential reading for students and practitioners in economic development, non-profit management, and public policy.--Sonal Shah, director, Beek Center for Social Impact+Innovation, Georgetown University
A critical contribution to our understanding of how to solve the world's most pressing problems, presented as a practical step-by-step guide to forming powerful transformational partnerships. Through firsthand accounts dispatched from Brazil, India, New York City, and Afghanistan, Social Value Investing sets a new standard for effective international development.--Josette Sheeran, president and CEO, Asia Society
Eimicke and Buffett posit a new architecture for business models used to tackle our most intractable social problems based on the concept of 'shared success.' The solutions they cite lead to not only efficacy but also high performance, motivating a new way of thinking about social change. This book updates our thinking on this new form of problem solving and provides useful pragmatic and actionable examples to serve as business models for the next generation of social change maker.--Ted D. Zoller, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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