Soul Courage

By Tara Jenelle Walsch

It's fairly widely understood that life is about more than the experiences of the body and the mind, but it takes a special kind of commitment to also engage one's soul in our day-to-day encounters. Those willing to make this remarkable choice can "raise the vibration" of every one of those encounters---even their momentary or seemingly insignificant exchanges with others---to a level that touches the heart of our very reason for being alive...allowing us to come alive in ways that can utterly transform our entire journey upon the earth.

Knowing this is one thing. Knowing how to do it is another. There are no schools offering courses in Soul Connection and in teaching how to express ourselves from a state of being that arises far beyond the limits of the mind. There is now, however, a more clearly articulated path and process which has the potential to be some of the most enriching experiences of our life. Tara-jenelle Walsch tells us that it takes Soul Courage. And, we are assured, the rewards can be extroardinary, changing for the better all the rest of the days of our life.


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