Spark in the Darkness

By Karen Higgs Faretta

Though author Karen Higgs-Faretta has lived through some dark and traumatic times, she was never left without a spark-a glimmer of hope. In this memoir, she shares the story of her life against the backdrop of those dark moments, revealing how the spark was always there and how it helped form the person she is today-a person who has peace and joy within herself.

A Spark in the Darkness narrates the difficult times in Higgs-Faretta's life: the death of her oldest daughter, a divorce, a brain aneurysm, and subsequent paralysis on her left side. The dark experiences led her to a dark path that was filled with light. She encourages the reader to look and to ask for their own sparks during dark experiences.

Full of hope and inspiration, A Spark in the Darkness delivers the messages that there is a purpose and a reason for every life and that life is truly good.


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About the Paperback

Publisher Archway Publishing
Publish date 08/13/2014
Pages 64
ISBN-13 9781480802179
Language English