Speaking Secrets of the Masters: The Personal Techniques Used by 22 of the World's Top Professional Speakers

By Speakers Roundtable, Speakers Roundtable, Cavett Robert, Ken Blanchard, Ken Blanchard (Joint author), Charlie Plumb (Joint author), Jim Newman (Joint author), Herb True (Joint author), Don Hutson (Joint author), Daniel Burrus (Joint author), Ty Boyd (Joint author), Tony Alessandra (Joint author), Jim Cathcart (Joint author), Nido Qubein (Joint author), Naomi Rhode (Joint author), Charles T Jones, JR (Joint author), Tom Winninger (Joint author), Jim Tunney (Joint author), Patricia Fripp (Joint author), Art Holst (Joint author), Danny Cox (Joint author), Allan Hurst (Joint author), Bill Gove (Joint author), Brian Tracy (Joint author), Ira M Hayes (Joint author)

Speaking Secrets of the Masters is the perfect, comprehensive resource for anyone who faces the responsibility of presenting information, thoughts, ideas, concepts to an audience.

Whether you are addressing a board of directors, an association meeting of thousands, a classroom or your own social club, the techniques these leading speakers share with you will be invaluable to your success.

Members of the Speakers Roundtable are veteran presenters who have known, worked and associated with such giants of the profession as Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and Earl Nightingale. Collectively, members have published more than fifty top selling books and over one hundred audio programs.

Contributors include:

  • Cavett Robert
  • Ken Blanchard
  • Charlie Plumb
  • Jim Newman
  • Herb True
  • Don Hutson
  • Daniel Burrus
  • Ty Boyd
  • Tony Alessandra
  • Jim Cathcart
  • Nido Qubein
  • Naomi Rhode
  • Charlie "Tremendous" Jones
  • Tom Winninger
  • Jim Tunney
  • Patricia Fripp
  • Art Holst
  • Danny Cox
  • Allan Hurst
  • Bill Gove
  • Brian Tracy
  • Ira Hayes


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