Step Up: Lead in Six Moments That Matter

By Henry Evans, Colm Foster

No matter what your title or place on the organization chart, you have the potential to be a leader--or more precisely, the potential to exercise leadership in the moments that matter most. Leadership is not a job title or position, but rather an action. In certain moments and situations, anyone can rise to the occasion to act as a leader--gaining respect, confidence, and ultimately greater success in the organization. But how can you recognize these moments where leadership is required, and then know what to do?

Step Up explains six critical "leadership moments"--everyday instances when you have a choice to shine or let opportunity pass you by. Based on their own research and extensive client work, Evans and Foster identify six regularly occurring moments and help you understand how to act wisely and decisively when those moments arise, showing how to:

  • Get Angry, Not Stupid
  • Avoid Terminal Politeness
  • Decide Already
  • Act When You are the Problem
  • Leverage Pessimism
  • Reverse Momentum

Anyone can take advantage of opportunities to act as a leader when the time is right--and reap the rewards. Step Up is a guide to exercising leadership when it matters most, boosting your personal impact and effectiveness, and making a real difference.


"Henry Evans and Colm Foster help bridge the gap between the needs of an organization and the needs of the human beings who sit within the organization... challenging us to be catalysts for positive change."-- From the foreword by Marshall Goldsmith"A useful, easy-to-digest road map for leading with clarity, compassion, and transparent communication. "Step Up" gives both tenured and new leaders fresh ideas and creative reminders that will propel them to new heights as they motivate and inspire those around them to meet and exceed their goals." --Melissa Reiff, president and chief operating officer, The Container Store

"As Evans and Foster so wisely point out in "Step Up"," " most often leadership is in the moment. Drawing on their considerable experience, Evans and Foster identify six critical opportunities to lead, and they offer practical and tangible ideas about how anyone can 'step up' and take ownership of these moments. This book artfully unravels many of the complexities and demystifies the actions needed to make something positive happen. "Step Up" is a valuable addition to the library of all leaders who want to make their teams and organizations more effective."--Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, authors, "The Leadership Challenge"

"Evans and Foster provide a catalyst for reflection as well as resources and tools for practice. I look forward to sharing "Step Up" with the leaders I work with as an internal executive coach. I know this will make a difference for them and the teams they lead."--Bob Andrews, director, executive coaching, Gap Inc.

"Evans and Foster are strategy and leadership team experts. In "Step Up," they share a secret weapon for developing and retaining top talent: six moments that develop leadership at all levels of an organization. I don't do theory. "Step Up" is easy to understand and apply for generating better business results."--Nic Vu, senior vice president, retail, adidas(R) Group

"Evans and Foster's six moments offer a fres



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