Stiletto Network: Inside the Women's Power Circles That Are Changing the Face of Business

By Pamela Ryckman
More women are running major companies than ever before. While still far too few in number, these female heads of industry are the forerunners of a radical shift in power now underway. During the past few years, women's groups have been coalescing in every major American city. Formidable ladies across professions are convening at unprecedented rates, forming salons, dinner groups, and networking circles--and collaborating to achieve clout and success. A new girls' network is alive and set to hyperdrive.

Stiletto Network is about those groups: the "Power Bitches," "Brazen Hussies" and "S.L.U.T.S.: Successful Ladies Under Tremendous Stress." It's about what happens when bright, extraordinary women--from captains of industry to aspiring entrepreneurs--come together to celebrate and unwind, debate and compare notes. But it's also about what happens when they leave the table, when the talking stops and the action starts. It's about how they mine their collective intelligence to realize their dreams or champion a cause, how they lift up their friends and push them forward, how they join forces to ensure each woman gets what she needs--be it information, an introduction, a partnership, or a landmark deal.

This is the first book to shed light on this groundbreaking movement. Sharing story after story of women banding together to help other women, Stiletto Network is both a call to action and an inside look at a better way of doing business.


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