Stranger: The Challenge of a Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era

By Jorge Ramos
Named one of the "World's 50 Greatest Leaders" in 2016 by Fortune magazine, and largely considered the most influential journalist in the Latino community, Jorge Ramos writes a "manifesto" on the Latino immigrant experience in the United States under the presidency of Donald Trump.

What does it mean to be a Latino immigrant, or just an immigrant, in the Trump era? When Ramos confronted candidate Donald Trump about his controversial remarks on Mexicans, the need for a wall and deportations during a 2015 press conference in Iowa, a member of Trump's security team threw him out of the room. A seasoned journalist, Ramos took the episode "personally" and uses it to explore his own biography as an immigrant, with the US's long immigration history as a backdrop, and drawing from the latest data and immigration statistics to respond to Trump's claims. Ramos takes readers along on his journey through America's history and his own immigration story in an effort to explain why, after thirty five years in this country, after having left his family and friends to pursue a career in journalism, after having two US-born children, after becoming an Emmy Award-winning journalist and a U.S citizen, and even after fulfilling his American Dream, he still feels like a stranger.
The book is dedicated to the Dreamers, who are, in Ramos' view, "the future of this country.

Praise for Jorge Ramos "It is a badge of honor when Jorge Ramos gets thrown out of a press conference for challenging Donald Trump . . . As Jorge said, the best journalism happens when you take a stand, when you denounce injustice." - Hillary Rodham Clinton

"It is precisely this pattern of confrontation . . . that has won Ramos the trust of so many Hispanics. They know that in many countries south of the United States, direct questions can provoke not simply a loss of access but also a loss of life." -The New York Times

"As household names go, Jorge Ramos is Miami, Los Angeles and Houston, his newscast consistently beats out all the other networks for the top ratings." -The Miami Herald


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