Success Playbook: Principles and Strategies for Building a Rich and Happy Life

By Christopher Cumby
Have you ever thought of turning what you love into a successful career? Do you need some extra motivation to achieve greater SUCCESS in your personal or professional life? Are you looking for additional tools to add to your own repertoire? Or, maybe you don't know what your purpose is, or you know what you want, but just don't seem to have all the tools to be consistent to accomplish it. Maybe you are like me: a entrepreneur dad who was short on time and high on stress, struggling through life until I learned this magic formula, the holy grail of wisdom, the life changing Success Playbook!

In this book you will learn the 5 most critical keys in achieving the success you dream of. The "Playbook" will detail the steps necessary to quickly and easily understand the rules of success needed to ... succeed. No matter the paths you have taken in your life, the Success Playbook will give you tools to forge your own way moving forward. This playbook can save you years, possibly decades, with the knowledge you'll gain.

I am excited to show you how to make your own Success Playbook from the knowledge of incredibly successful people and uncover your inner success that is waiting to be discovered. You will unleash a powerful source that contains the entire process step by step to your success.

"Do what you LOVE, apply FAITH into action, and find the COURAGE to try..." 
~ Christopher Cumby


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