Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being

By Deepak Chopra, Deepak Chopra, Rudolph E. Tanzi
The authors of the New York Times bestseller Super Brain present a bold new understanding of our genes and how simple changes in lifestyle can boost genetic activity. The leap into "radical well-being" is a promise waiting to be fulfilled.

"You are not simply the sum total of the genes you were born with," writes Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi. "You are the user and controller of your genes, the author of your biological story. No prospect in self-care is more exciting."

Learning how to shape your gene activity is at the heart of this exciting and eagerly-anticipated book from the bestselling duo behind Super Brain, which became a nationwide hit on public television.

For decades medical science has believed that genes determined our biological destiny. Now the new genetics has changed that assumption forever. You will always have the genes you were born with, but genes are dynamic, responding to everything we think, say, and do. Suddenly they've become our strongest allies for personal transformation. When you make lifestyle choices that optimize how your genes behave, you can reach for a state of health and fulfillment undreamed of even a decade ago. The impact on prevention, immunity, diet, aging, and chronic disorders is unparalleled.

"The concept that biology is destiny is one of the most pathological and toxic exaggerations to emerge during the entire scientific era. This hard-core materialistic view has been a kind of psychological enslavement that has pushed many people into nihilism and despair. In"Super Genes, "Drs. Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi discuss new evidence that our genes are not our masters, but they respond in large measure to our choices and behaviors. The resulting view honors not just the body but mind and spirit as well -- a vision that is as bright and hopeful as the old view was morbid and depressing. "Super Genes"is an important book. It will empower anyone who reads it, because it expands our view of what it means to be human." --Larry Dossey, MD Author: "One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters" In Super Genes, Drs. Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi illustrate the interplay of nature and nurture using cutting edge genetic science and argue persuasively that adapting one s lifestyle can maximize the potential to transcend the inherited susceptibilities handed down to us from our parents." -- James Gusella, Director, Center for Human Genetic Research "Super Genes demolishes the myth that our genes determine our fate. Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi explain in breathtaking detail the magic of how our diet, lifestyle, our thoughts and even our gut bacteria or microbiome "talk" to our genes, regulating which genes get turn on or off, or turned up or down influencing every aspect of our health. This is essential reading for anyone interested in turning on their health, weight loss, happiness and longevity genes!" --MarkHyman, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution.

"I have always been far more interested in how we can all optimize our health, as opposed to simply preventing disease. Both are important, no doubt, but teaching people how they can be better better, faster, stronger, happier is so much more inspiring. It is what I loved about"Super Brain," the first book Deepak and Rudolph wrote, and they now have a muscular follow up, with"Super Genes." In many ways, Super Genes is the prequel to Super Brain, because it peers down into the very essence of who we are, what comprises us ashuman beings, and how much of what we experience ispre-ordained destiny vs. being in our own control. The answer to these questionswill inspire you. "We cannot be content to simply blame our genes, but to realize that we can control this blueprint for life and the way our body interprets it. "Flawlessly weaving together the complicated science of genetics with the touching stories of very real people, my friends Deepak and Rudolph have written a book that you won t put down. You will find yourself scribbling furious notes, and sharing your new wisdom with the people you love. First they gave us all the ability to have Super Brains, and now they have done the same with our Super Genes." -- Neurosurgeon and author of "Chasing Life, Cheating Death and Monday Mornings." We used to think everything about us was either our genetics or our environment. But in SUPER GENES, Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi adeptly teach us that it s all about both how tightly they are intertwined. And what we can do about it. -- Eric Topol MD, author "The Patient Will See You Now," Professor of Genomics, The Scripps Research Institute"


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