Taking the I Out of Clientele: A Retailer's Guide to Selling Better Than You Can Sell

By Cheryl Beall

Retail professionals know that successful selling means building a clientele. However, traditional sales training still puts too much attention on the seller and on developing strategies for the short-term sale.

"Taking the "I" Out of Clientele" turns the conventional wisdom of selling on its head by moving the focus from the seller to the customer, where it truly belongs. After all, no one likes to be "sold." Customers want to be "helped."

With simple, easy-to-apply strategies, retail expert Cheryl Beall shows how to turn potential customers into lifetime clients. You'll discover a selling style that is more natural, more comfortable, and ultimately more effective, as she reveals her proven secrets: * The Don'ts and Do's of Selling * The Indispensable Art of Intelligence Gathering * The 30-60-90 Day Contact Calendar * The WIFM- One Thing We Just Can't Live Without

You'll also find tips for creating an effective "Rapid Response" thank-you note, a tactical telephone approach, and a client book that really gets results.

By changing the question from "what can I sell the customer?" to "what does the customer need?"

"Taking the "I" Out of Clientele" turns a simple business transaction into a relationship. The result is not only happier customers.

It's better business.



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Publisher iUniverse
Publish date 10/27/2006
Pages 112
ISBN-13 9780595413690
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