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Ten Days

By Elizabeth Jerow
In a quiet suburban neighborhood, Laurel is stuck. Following the death of her husband, she is pulled in many directions -- raising her two small children alone, supporting her family's grief while working through her own, and deciding what is next for the Wells family. When her boyfriend plans a well-deserved weekend getaway in a snowy cabin, it seems that things may finally be turning around for Laurel, despite her brother's skepticism. But when the departure doesn't go as planned, and young Logan and Rosie's lives are threatened, Laurel must think fast to secure their safe return. A distrustful brother, a reclusive neighbor with an unbelievable invention, and a break from reality as she understands it all push Laurel to exercise strength and tenacity she didn't know she had, in a quest to restore her family.Ten Days is a story about taking tremendous risks and doing the extraordinary to protect the ones you care about most.


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About the Paperback

Publisher Not available
Publish date 01/29/2019
Pages 350
ISBN-13 9781795368421
ISBN-10 179536842X
Language English

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