Top of the Rock: Inside the Rise and Fall of Must See TV

By Warren Littlefield, T R Pearson

Top of the Rock is an absorbing insiders account of an incredible time and place in television history: the years when Must See TV led by Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, ER, and Law & Order made NBC an unstoppable success. Here the story is vividly told through the words of the actors, writers, producers, creators, and network executives who helped the Peacock rise to its greatest heights and then saw it all fall apart.
Under the supervision of President of Entertainment Warren Littlefield, NBC went from being an also-ran, losing millions of dollars in failed shows, to the number one station, generating billions of dollars in profit. At its height, the Thursday night lineup alone brought in more revenue than the other six nights of programming combined. Top of the Rock dishes out behind-the-scenes stories from all the biggest shows, revealing the highly risky business decisions, creative passion, and blind leaps of faith that made Must See TV possible.
Jerry Seinfeld - Jason Alexander - Kelsey Grammer - Sean Hayes - Helen Hunt - Lisa Kudrow - Eriq La Salle - Matt LeBlanc - John Lithgow - Julianna Margulies - Eric McCormack - Debra Messing - Megan Mullally - David Hyde Pierce - Paul Reiser - Noah Wyle - and more



"To detail the exuberant 1990s' events in the Peacock Network's ascendancy (with such shows as "Frasier", "Friends", "Seinfeld", "Will & Grace", and "ER") Littlefield and novelist Pearson interviewed more than 50 actors, writers, producers, agents and executives...Littlefield unleashed a 'financial geyser' at NBC, and these revelatory glimpses of those glory days make this one of the more entertaining books published about the television industry." "--Publishers Weekly" "Littlefield's compulsively readable saga, "Top of the Rock, " is a great tale of folly." --Dick Donahue for "PW ""A fascinating oral history of shows like "Seinfeld" that defined an era." "--New York Daily News " "A chronicle of the last golden age of network television, ["Top of the Rock"] is the literary equivalent of a former NBC Thursday night lineup...Littlefield is the ultimate Must See insider. The mini-histories are a blast...full of fresh detail." "--The Hollywood Reporter ""The former president of entertainment at NBC chronicles his tenure with the peacock with a little help from his friends, including Jerry Seinfeld, Kelsey Grammar, Sean Hayes, and a few assorted suits who helped him schedule and nuture some of the most memorable shows on the tube, including "Cheers", "Friends", and "Seinfeld". And as entertained as audiences were by those programs, the real show was happening behind the scenes, where larger-than-life egos clashed over details large and small. Readers interested in the history of the network or simply wanting to hear the dish, as well as others interested in breaking into the TV biz, will find much to enjoy in this charming reliving of Littlefield's glory days." "--Booklist ""With entertaning insider's perspective, Littlefield transports readers back to a seemingly magical time when half the country would watch the same show." "--Kirkus"


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ISBN: 9780307739766

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Publisher Anchor Books
Publish date 02/12/2013
Pages 368
ISBN-13 9780307739766
ISBN-10 0307739767
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