Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed [With Instructional CDROM]

By John Novosel
What swing secret is shared by nearly "all" golf greats from Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods?
John Novosel s revolutionary breakthrough has cracked the genetic code of the golf swing Tour Tempo.

Tiger Woods Greg Norman Ben Hogan. What secret do these and nearly "all" golf legends share? "Identical "swing tempo. John Novosel has cracked the genetic code of the golf swing and has derived a simple and effective system to teach it to golfers of all levels, from tour players to weekend warriors.

This book includes a revolutionary instructional CD, featuring videos that illustrate exactly how to learn the tempo secrets of the tour pros, and a calibrated soundtrack that you can use while practicing at a driving range or in your living room.
As an avid golfer and inventor, John Novosel studied film footage of the PGA greats, searching, along with countless others over the last century, for the key to what made certain golfers swings so effortless and powerful. Novosel made a startling discovery. Nearly every champion demonstrated "identical" time proportion in his or her swing, a common ratio between takeaway and downswing. Regardless of style or form, the winning tempo was always the same Tour Tempo.
In this breakthrough book, Novosel and "Sports Illustrated" senior writer John Garrity explain exactly how to achieve Tour Tempo. Through clear, step-by-step instruction, golfers are taught how to master two basic drills to synchronize their swings. Novosel s technique has yielded rapid and tremendous improvement for players of every level adding distance, automatically correcting typical swing problems, and noticeably shaving strokes off one s game.
TOUR TEMPO is a remarkable breakthrough truly golf s last secret finally revealed."


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Publisher Doubleday Books
Publish date 04/27/2004
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