The Tribe That Discovered Trust: How Trust Is Created, Propagated, Lost and Regained in Commercial Interactions

By David Amerland

What does the word "Trust" mean? How does the clustering of perceptions that surround a word everyone uses differently affect what we do in our personal, commercial and entrepreneurial lives? Scholars and practitioners widely acknowledge trust's importance:

  • Trust makes cooperative endeavors happen.
  • Trust is a key to positive interpersonal relationships
  • Trust becomes even more central and critical during periods of uncertainty due to organizational crisis
  • Trust is a central component in effective working relationships

Because trust is considered so vital, it has been studied extensively and we now have the data necessary to see how it works. How it can be created. How it is propagated across social networks. How it can be lost when things go dreadfully wrong and then how it can be regained.

If you work on the web. If you run any kind of business. If you're a business leader. If you're putting together any kind of tribe. If you're interested in how to make your working relationships work more smoothly and your business function more effectively, this book will help.

David Amerland begins this book with an allegorical tale from which practical lessons are drawn and then dives deep into what makes trust happen and how we can use it to improve our business, professional and private lives.


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