True Influence

By Tim David

Times have changed and it's harder than ever to build influence. The world is getting better at ignoring you and your message is being smothered by all the noise. That's why influence is no longer about convincing people, but rather, connecting with them. In today's high-tech, low-touch world, human connection is the fundamental shift you MUST make if you want people to listen when you speak, buy what you sell, and follow where you lead. When persuasion is your goal, manipulation follows. But when connection is your goal, true influence follows. This book hands you the scripts, stories, tools, strategies, and framework that modern science has shown to be the keys to building influence the right way, with the magic of human connection. "Tim David has written a practical, real world guide that will help you become more persuasive immediately." - DORIE CLARK, author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business "Tim David is fast becoming the go-to expert on human connection and influence. His book, TRUE Influence, is destined to become a seminal work on the topic." - JAMIE TURNER, internationally recognized author, speaker, and CEO of "Influence is something everyone uses, especially salespeople. Tim David's perspective, sense of humor, and use of story makes this a great read-enjoy!" - TIFFANI BOVA, Global Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce "True Influence makes a compelling case that influence is at the core of success -- and not just for sales. If you're looking to champion ideas, inspire others, and make your mark on the world, then you need to read this book. You'll emerge with a clear 4-step framework for influencing people - and the confidence to give it a try." - RON FRIEDMAN, PH.D., author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace



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Publisher Tim David
Publish date 12/01/2017
Pages 200
ISBN-13 9780999629734
ISBN-10 0999629735
Language English