Two Koreas: A Contemporary History (Revised, Updated)

By Don Oberdorfer, Robert Carlin
Ever since Korea was first divided at the end of World War II, the tension between its northern and southern halves has riveted--and threatened to embroil--the rest of the world. In this landmark history, now thoroughly revised and updated in conjunction with Korea expert Robert Carlin, veteran journalist Don Oberdorfer grippingly describes how a historically homogenous people became locked in a perpetual struggle for supremacy--and how they might yet be reconciled.

"A true public service...a clear and unpretentious journalistic narrative of the past quarter-century's public and behind-the-scenes political and diplomatic efforts to solve the Korea question. It is a well-reported if unfinished story, well told by someone who has been a Korea-watcher for almost four decades.... Probing behind events to reveal the machinations of key politicians, generals, and bureaucrats, often re-creating the dynamics shaping their behavior, is the strength of this book.... Oberdorfer chronicles with impressive detail the pathos of the nuclear crisis and the freezing of North-South relations it precipitated. What emerges from "The Two Koreas" is a portrait of precisely why the peninsula is so volatile: two rivals competing for national legitimacy in a culture where compromise is tantamount to defeat.... Oberdorfer refrains from punditry and predictions, letting his powerful material tell the story." --"The Boston Globe" "[A] lucid, balanced, thoroughly credible account of the last 25 years on both sides of the armistice line." --"The New York Times Book Review" "Riveting.... "The Two Koreas" majestically fulfills Oberdorfer's goal of drawing attention to the role outside powers have played in the two Koreas' history." --"The Washington Post" "[A] gripping narrative... "The Two Koreas" is a masterful analysis of one of the enduring Achilles' heels of US foreign policy." --"Los Angeles Review of Books" "This truly important work will, without question, become the standard against which other books on modern Korea will be judged." --Donald P. Gregg, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea "Oberdorfer is one of America's keenest analysts of the international scene." --James A. Baker III, former U.S. Secretary of State "[A] fine book.... [Oberdorfer's] gripping narrative should chasten our leaders and inform our citizenry about the continuing perils and costs of America's involvement with Kore


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Publish date 12/10/2013
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ISBN-13 9780465031238
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