Ultimate Guide to Platform Building

By Wendy Keller
Your business relies on you for its survival, and its life-blood is sales. Build a robust platform is the most effective and sustainable way to attract prospects and convert them into customers.

Literary agent and expert platform consultant Wendy Keller shares the secrets behind how to select the right promotion strategies for your business, market your products and services, develop an enthusiastic customer base, and ultimately create a strong platform that distinguishes your business from the rest--all without spending a fortune.

Keller provides you with platform-building methods that are practical, proven, and easily implemented by anyone, this book helps build your brand perception to:

  • Develop content that converts fans into customers

  • Create a platform strategy that multiplies your marketing efforts overnight

  • Showcase your brand, product, or company and attract new opportunities

People will tell you that you are the brand. Wendy Keller just wrote the definitive guide on how to build you into your own brand worthy of followers. Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV and Podcast Host, Chairman of C-Suite Network, Author of Think Big, Act Bigger I have consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs during my career. The most successful build a community of raving fans who love them and what they do. Wendy Keller s book is the best I have read on building a strong platform to grow your fan base. It covers all the relevant tools: social media, podcasts, videos, blogs, speeches, and workshops. It is a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and company executives. In this age of technology acceleration, I don t think it is possible to build a great business without strong platform-building skills. So read the book, implement the practices, and watch your business grow. Michael Glauser, Executive Director of the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship at Utah State University, Author of Main Street Entrepreneur Wendy Keller understands that you have to make every second count in marketing and that it s more important to serve than to sell. Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Strategist The positioning tips in Chapter 4 all by themselves are worth the price of admission. The Ultimate Guide to Platform Building is a step-by-step manual to building a tangible presence in a competitive marketplace that raises your fees and causes demand to rise. If you use this book as your make sure we don t miss anything in our public presence manual, you ll never make a major omission. She covers vital details like audio production and what colors to wear in a video shootsomething I ve never seen in a book of this type. It s comprehensive. Perry Marshall, Author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, 80/20 Sales and Marketing, and Evolution 2.0 Wendy Keller s book on platform building is a practical, exceptionally comprehensive book on how to distinguish yourself or your business. The selection of ideas will help every reader to find tactics that are realistic and easy to implement. Whether you are a small business owner, a doctor, lawyer, life coach, therapist, author, retailer, musician, painter or even run an auto body shop, this book will help you grow your business and make more money. Ford Saeks, CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Marketing Strategist, Speaker One of the trends I note heavily for businesses of all shapes and sizes in the future is how we are entering a new creative age driven by a D.I.Y. ethos unleashed due to platform technology. Wendy Keller uses a very personal approach to help you become a solopreneur or small-business owner who doesn t look at the world of entrepreneurship as an obstacle, but an advantage. Read this to learn and execute on how the platform economy will help you grow your business in perpetuity. Geoffrey Colon, Communications Designer at Microsoft, Author of Disruptive Marketing Growing a platform is the most important step any entrepreneur can take to get leads flowing into their business. Wendy s book is a great primer on the basics and her suggestions for how to delegate it most effectively so it gets done right and on time are excellent. I ve built several businesses in my career and the number one thing I know is you must delegate everything you can to save your energy and brain cells for big thinking. Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee, Author of New York Times Bestseller Outsource Smart"


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