Ulysses Dream: A Timeless Romance

By Tim White

Through Penelope's eyes we understand the experience of thousands of girls who are kidnapped and become statistics of human trafficking. With the courageous intervention of a young girl, she escapes and ends up living with other children in the Teguciligapa city dump. Her hero is Ulysses, a Nez Perce boy raised in the rugged Wallowa mountains in Eastern Oregon. He and his six brothers and their Beauceron dog have many adventures and are hunted by a monstrous bear. Ulysses and Penelope fall into a sweet teenage romance. When Ulysees is sent to Southeast Asia in 1968, his quest to win back his true love takes him through the horror of Vietnam, as well as the struggles of professional football and the Olympics. Penelope and her son Telemachus are left alone to work towards the miracle of US citizenships, all the while avoiding the retribution of the international gang to whom she once was a slave.

A bold and deeply personal novel about unthinkable real life drama. You will be surprised and inspired while you gain new insights into human trafficking and immigration through this timeless story of indomitable love.

"This books offers us hope of a better world." -Dr. Rey Diaz Executive Director of Orphan Outreach ." . . a mystical fiction that will awaken truths that readers have never dared to confront." -Joseph Castleberry, Ed.D.


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Publisher Koehler Books
Publish date 10/20/2016
Pages 208
ISBN-13 9781633932944
ISBN-10 163393294X
Language English

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