Undocumented: Immigration and the Militarization of the United States-Mexico Border

By John Moore
John Moore has focused on the issue of undocumented immigration to the United States for a decade. His access to immigrants during their journey, and to U.S. federal agents tasked with deterring them, sets his pictures apart. Moore has photographed the entire length of the U.S. southern border, and traveled extensively throughout Central America and Mexico, as well as to many immigrant communities in the United States. His work includes rare imagery of ICE raids, mass deportations, and the resulting widespread fear in the immigrant community. For its broad scope and rigorous journalism, Undocumented: Immigration and the Militarization of the United States-Mexico Border is the essential record on the prevailing U.S. domestic topic of immigration and border security.

"Few photographers have been as well positioned to document nearly every aspect of the debate as Moore." --Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

"Mr. Moore has perhaps the most comprehensive body of work of any news photographer covering immigration." --The New York Times

"The access Moore achieved is unparalleled, and his compassion for the issue shines through his moving photographs." --The Daily Beast

"A beautiful and terrifying look at the border with Mexico." --Houston Chronicle

"For its broad scope and compassionate storytelling, Moore's body of work is an essential record of U.S. immigration." --Yahoo News

"Moore's instincts put him in the middle of the hottest topic of the day. His book goes well beyond the superficial coverage of TV shout-fests and politicians' news releases, and he explains how he got the story." --NPAA

As seen/heard in: Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Fast Company, CNN, The Guardian, PBS News Hour, The Washington Post, Musée, Houston Public Media, Dallas News, new york journal of books, Jacobin, The Telegraph, Time, People, The Atlanitc, Texas Public Radio's Fronteras, Artsy


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