Vantagepoints on Learning and Life

By Kevin Eikenberry
Each day brings us the chance to laugh, love and learn. this book will inspire you to do all three! "Kevin Eikenberry's essays reveal him as a keen observer and an intense participant in life. He communicates his ideas passionately and vividly." -Martin C. Jischke, President, Purdue University "Lifelong learning is for everyone. Kevin's lessons have two purposes. One-for you to learn from his journey. Two-to inspire you to reflect on, and learn from, your own. Read this book for yourself, and create your own success." -Jeffrey Gitomer, author The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Bible ..".Kevin has shared a collection of stories that are profound in what they can individually mean to each reader. Start reading as soon as you can, and learn about the person you are meant to be... for you will never look at the everyday bliss of life in the same way again." -Rosa Say, author of Managing with Aloha "Wow - reading this is like 'sitting at the foot of a master' and learning about the meaning of life. Thank you, Kevin, for an absolutely terrific book." -Bob Burg, author Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales Kevin has been a serious student of the learning process for the past 15 years. He has applied what he has learned by helping organizations of all kinds including small companies, governmental agencies, universities and Fortune 500 companies. His writing has been read by people in over 30 countries from all walks of life.


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ISBN: 9781598580754

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Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Publish date 11/18/2005
Pages 232
ISBN-13 9781598580754
ISBN-10 1598580752
Language English

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