Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World

By Robert Tercek
If you re in the information business (and we all are in the information business), Tercek's urgent manifesto will help you see the future, so you can prepare for it. - Seth Godin
Brace yourself for enormous changes ahead. Familiar fixtures of the economic landscape, including retail stores, physical products, corporations and even human workers, are about to be vaporizedreplaced by digital information.
A novel combination of new technologies mobile, cloud, crowd, artificial intelligence -- are reconfiguring every economic sector and industrial system on the planet. Even industries that were long considered immune to digital transformation are suddenly vulnerable to rapid dematerialization: now automobiles, hotels, health care, and higher education can be replaced by an app-enabled marketplace.
The process of vaporization is relentless and all-pervasive. For consumers this change is as bewildering as it is exhilarating. For CEOs of old-school firms, the change is terrifying. But for startup Internet companies, it's the greatest landgrab since the Gold Rush.
In Vaporized, innovation expert Robert Tercek shows us how this process works and takes us to the front line of digital transformation. Tercek provides an essential guide to this vaporized world, with proven strategies for those who want to master the process.

If you re in the information business (and we all are in the information business), Tercek s urgent manifesto will help you see the future, so you can prepare for it. Seth Godin, author of "Unleashing the Ideavirus" Ignore this book at your peril. Vaporized is incredible. I found it right on every point. It tracks the move from atoms to bits in a funny and thought-provoking manner that will be a wake up call to many industries. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, Inc. Robert Tercek is a technological provocateur. His book provides deep thinking about our digital world and its monumental possibilities in ways that you probably haven't ever considered. Jarl Mohn, CEO of National Public Radio Tercek's vision is singular, unique and unmatched in its insight. Vaporized is the next must-have strategy guide for every executive in media, manufacturing, retail and marketing. Gabe Zichermann, CEO of Gamification Co. and author of "Gamification Revolution" Vaporized will certainly make you think. If you don t like change it will terrify you, but if you embrace the future, Robert's book will justify your mission and spur you on to new heights. Brett King, Author of "Augmented" and Founder of Moven A thoughtful and sharp look at the invisible forces transforming society today and in the near future. Never before in history have we experienced the scope of change being wrought by the networks, software and real-time marketplaces explored in Vaporized. Rio Caraeff, Founder & Former CEO of Vevo A worthy successor to Blown to Bits and Being Digital, Vaporized illustrates a new world order brought about by enabling software and a connected world. Rishad Tobaccowala, chief strategist of the Publicis Groupe Robert Tercek is one of the keenest observers of the zeitgeists in media, culture and technology, and Vaporized is where it all comes together. For anyone trying to understand the digital transformation of business, commerce and society, this book is simply indispensable. Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency and author of The Future of Media We ve seen the headlines: Software is eating the world. Physical things are dematerializing, disappearing before our very eyes. And yet amidst this disruption is exponential opportunity: for reinvention, for transformation, for new possibilities. Robert Tercek s Vaporized maps for us this new territory." Jason Silva, host of National Geographic s Brain Games In this era of endless innovation, our world of things is being digitally blown to bits and Vaporized. Author Robert Tercek puts the pieces back together so that anyone looking to succeed in the 21st century can better understand the economic forces at work and their impact on everyone s careers. Jay Samit, author of Disrupt You! Robert Tercek s vision of the future of digital media provides indispensable strategic insight about the future of media, manufacturing, marketing and retail. Vaporized will be a must-read for the next generation of business and political leaders. Katrina Cukaj, Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, CNN Super-fast access to data on mobile devices is vaporizing entire industries. Yours may be next. This book provides essential survival skills for the biggest business transformation our lifetime. Phil Braden, Senior Vice President of Technology and Applications for PCCW Vaporized is a magnificent guide to the way software defines modern commerce: self-organizing, real-time, mobile markets that are devouring the material world. Tercek masterfully weaves his wide knowledge of both traditional and new businesses, showing us how it is less profitable to actually own things - and insanely profitable to control information about things. Mark Jeffrey, author of Bitcoin Explained Simply Rob Tercek is one of the people who gets the transition happening in every corner of the economy from old, slow, solid, offline models to high-speed, digital, ephemeral ones. His insights matter to every industry and every business. Read the book. Listen to what he says. Ramez Naam, author of Nexus and The Infinite Resource Robert is the Buckaroo Banzai of digital media. He literally travels to the future and reports back foresights through a blend of provocative humor and actionable insights. He connects the dots like none other, and always energizes people with a creative call to arms for what is possible. Quite simply, Robert brings the thunder. Michael Margolis, CEO and founder of Get Storied and StoryU This is the only book you need to understand how the mobile economy really works. An essential read for 21st century leaders, Vaporized provides an insightful look at how mobile data will transform our whole economy and, quite likely, our society. Ned Sherman, founder and CEO of Digital Media Wire Robert Tercek s Vaporized theories provide a jolt of what s possible. Tercek convincingly poses breakthrough concepts that are both disturbing and promising about what will come. Rod Perth, President and CEO of National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) Too many aha moments to list! In the spirit of Megatrends, Vaporized reveals what s right around the corner. This remarkable peek into the future is much more than a fascinating read. Follow Tercek s lead to be ahead of the change and the competition. Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won t Get You There "Robert Tercek takes us on a riveting ride through past tech-enabled disruptions to a profoundly reimagined future that is inspiring yet unnerving. Every corner of humankind will be impacted, and every business leader, thinker, doer or spectator should be deeply concerned by the fresh questions, insights and possibilities raised in this book. Paul Zilk, CEO of Reed MIDEM "



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