Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: The Imperative of Teams

By Simon Mac Rory
The deconstruction of the traditional workplace hierarchy, the abandonment of performance appraisal, and the impact of millennials/generations Y and Z all point to a substantial revival of teams and teamwork for the first time in more than 20 years. Leading companies are pushing towards a team-centric model but, for many others, team development remains ad hoc as they fail to recognize that teams hold the answers to increased effectiveness. Delivering improved team effectiveness across an organization does not have to be time consuming. The Team Diagnostic Profiler (TDP) is a methodology and process that is easy to use, self-administering, and can deliver 10 to 20% improvement in team effectiveness when deployed in a corporate team strategy. This book is based on the TDP methodology and the years of research completed by the author.

"Wake Up and Smell the Coffee sounds like and is a stimulating introduction to the importance of teamwork. The subject smells enticing with exercises and suggestions much adding to the attraction." --Dr. Meredith Belbin, Founder and Partner, Belbin Associates "You don't need to be a lover of coffee to love Simon Mac Rory's Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. Simon captures the importance of teamwork and the role organizations must play to create the optimal environment and culture for teams... and individuals to thrive in! A must read." --Flo Panel-Coates, Chief Nurse, University College London Hospital "A no-nonsense, practical, go-to reference guide on the essentials of creating the team-based organization of the future." --Neil Ratcliffe, Director, Global People Team, McDonalds Restaurants Ltd. "I found it particularly interesting to read a business book that wasn't all about higher management, but one that really focuses on improving relations between individuals for a larger, overall improvement to the group and therefore the company as a whole." --Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite "Team development specialist Simon Mac Rory provides a comprehensive and practical guide for team leaders serious about improving their team's effectiveness and boosting output." --Reviewed by Jane Constantineau for IndieReader


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