Wake Up or Die: Business Battles Are Won with Foresight, You Either Have It or You Don't

By Corrine Sandler
"Action is the real measure of Intelligence." Napoleon Hill
Every day in business we experience uncertainty, risks and emotional exposure to winning and losing the battle for growth. There are many theoretical business practices out there, but none as brilliant and simple as "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, which was used to win wars 2000 years ago.
Sandler explains how to apply these ancient military tactics in a modern business economy - to win every battle without waging war. Her fundamental philosophy is "no war has been won without intelligence" and never will.
"Wake Up or Die"is a powerful, exceptionally written treatise on the use of Intelligence in business today. Sandler shares the "must haves" to thrive and grow, with actual stories of winners and losers. This book is for all decision makers who want to succeed in today's business world where "loss leaders" dominate, consumers hold all the power, and competition intensifies.
Boldly said, "Wake Up or Die" goes where no one has dared to go and challenges every status quo. If you want to win business battles, "Wake Up or Die" will show you how. Sandler's frank and candid approach holds no bars; she believes the pendulum of the mind oscillates between intellect and ignorance, not between right and wrong.


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Publisher Advantage Media Group
Publish date 09/05/2013
Pages 140
ISBN-13 9781599323978
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