Walk This Way: Living Like Jesus in the Real World

By Todd Stevens, Refraction

What does it mean to be like Jesus? We can't heal, aren't sinless, and don't know everything. We are not supposed to be carpenters or roam the countryside with a group of followers. And for most of us, it's physically impossible to become Jewish by birth. So how do we know the ways we re supposed to be like Jesus? We tend to want to define Jesus to be what we want Him to be. We make Him in our image. We re convinced He is equally as concerned about our pet cause as we are. If we follow a Jesus of our own making, we re worshiping an idol.

In Walk This Way: Living Like Jesus in the Real World, Todd Stevens shows us how to follow Jesus example of forgiving, getting angry in the right way, handling temptation, being known for loving, serving others, spending intentional time with the Father, and persevering the way Jesus did.

Features include: Ways to follow the example of Jesus Thought-provoking questions to be used individually or in a group setting


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Publish date 11/03/2015
Pages 224
ISBN-13 9780718039813
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