The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies

By John R Lott, John R Lott, JR.
When it comes to the gun control debate, there are two kinds of data: data that's accurate, and data that left-wing billionaires, politicians, and media want you to believe is accurate. In The War on Guns, economist and gun rights advocate John Lott turns a skeptical eye to well-funded anti-gun studies and stories that perpetuate false statistics to frighten Americans into giving up their guns.

Amidst threats of terrorism, the need for John Lott s "The War on Guns" and a rational debate on guns has never been greater. Paris and San Bernardino show us that gun-free zones won t stop terrorists. As this book documents, these killers consciously pick targets where they know victims will be sitting ducks. Lott carefully proves that the push for more gun control only makes the types of attacks that we fear more likely to occur. Next time you drop your child off at school, try and find the sign saying, Gun Free Zone. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, Does this really keep my child safe? If you still have questions, read "The War on Guns." Newt Gingrich "


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Publisher Regnery Publishing
Publish date 08/01/2016
Pages 256
ISBN-13 9781621575801
ISBN-10 1621575802
Language English

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