A Western World

By Michael Deforge
Short, succinct and, more often than not, strange stories have always been a central part of Michael DeForge's oeuvre. In a career that's volume outweighs its years, DeForge's most powerful work has often been his most pithy.

"Michael DeForge is one of the industry's most exciting cartoonists, largely because he puts out a huge amount of work that consistently pushes boundaries." -- Oliver Sava, A.V. Club

"Count DeForge among that class of literary trickster--Donald Barthelme or, heck, why not Kafka--whose bizarre, melancholic fancies map onto amorphous modern anxieties in ways that realist fiction could never imagine." -- Sean Rogers, The Globe and Mail

"Everything and everyone in his [DeForge's] drawings is dripping, bubbling and developing unsightly growths. He warps and dents the assured, geometrical forms of vintage newspaper strips and new wave-era graphics into oddly adorable horrors; his stories are prone to whiplash formal shifts." -- Douglas Wolk, The New York Times

"DeForge has been a darling of the comics community, and, while esoteric, this volume is a showcase of his sui generis talent." -- Publishers Weekly


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ISBN: 9781927668481

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Publisher Koyama Press
Publish date 05/29/2018
Pages 152
ISBN-13 9781927668481
ISBN-10 1927668484
Language English

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