What Got You Here Won't Get You There in Sales!: How Successful Salespeople Take It to the Next Level

By Marshall Goldsmith, Don Brown, Bill Hawkins

Kick your bad habits and CLOSE MORE SALES!

I love this book, especially the importance of empathy care enough about what you are selling to personalize its value to your customer!
Jim Farley, VP Global Marketing, Ford Motor Company

In over 20 years of sales leadership, I had yet to see someone describe self-improvement through the elimination of existing behaviors rather than the creation of new ones what a simple, concise, and personally applicable developmental tool. This is a must-read for everyone in sales!
Chris Richardson, VP Global Sales, Abbott Vascular

Don Brown and Bill Hawkins, collaborating with Marshall Goldsmith s incredible insight, have created strategy and ideas that will help you grow, sell more, and prosper!
Jeffrey Gitomer, author of "The Little Red Book of Selling"

"What Got You Here Won t Get You There in Sales!" is a practical guide for anyone in sales they hit the nail on the head! Read this book to learn how to build your relationships with customers while shedding the habits that are holding you back!
Tom Reilly, author of "Value-Added Selling"

Deep and meaningful connections with people in business can change the trajectory of your career. This is a brilliant playbook for professionals who want to step up their game and truly own their success. I have seen the power of this approach in action and IT WORKS!
Rich Daly, Executive Vice President, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

About the Book:

One of the most influential business coaches of our time, Marshall Goldsmith helps businesspeople pinpoint career-harming behaviors, understand why they engage in them and, most importantly stop. His book "What Got You Here Won t Get You There" wasn t just a runaway bestseller, it has helped untold numbers dramatically improve their careers and personal lives.

Now, Goldsmith teams up with leading sales thought leaders Don Brown and Bill Hawkins to help you break the habits that specifically damage sales relationships. This dream team s combined clients have increased their sales from 5 to 30 percent and their gross profit up to 50 percent! In short, their approach works.

"What Got You Here Won t Get You There in Sales!" provides simple-to-use tools for maintaining and leveraging quality personal connections by doing something much easier than learning new behaviors: simply "stopping" old ones. When dealing with your customers, do you: Needlessly verbalize and execute every possible step in the sales process? Repeatedly initiate communication for no apparent purpose? Attempt to verbally one up your customer in conversation?

The authors name 16 bad habits in all, and they provide proven techniques for reversing their negative effects by putting them to rest for good. There is no profession that depends more on good relationships than sales. And there s no one more qualified to coach you to create and nurture productive sales relationships than these three authors.

You "do" have the power to change. Let Goldsmith, Brown, and Hawkins help you kick your bad habits to improve relationships, increase sales, and enjoy a more fulfilling, enriching career."


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