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What Works: A Decade of Change at Champion International

    By Richard E Ault, Richard Walton, Mark Childers, Ault, Childers M, Walton R, Mark V Childers (Joint author), Richard E Walton (Joint author)
Between 1986 and 1997, Champion International, one of America's oldest and largest industrial companies, turned itself from an underachieving, tradition-bound organization into a visionary competitor. Part inspiration and part instruction, Champion's Cinderella story of perseverance and triumph - told by the leaders who helped plan and participated in the transformation - contains lessons for every manager facing the challenge of change.
Ault was the senior consultant to Champion and still works closely with the company. Childers is Vice President of Human Resources at Champion. Walton is the Jesse Isidore Straus Professor of business administration in the area of organizational behavior at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. He has a BS and MS degree, also a DBA.


"Take a fascinating, decade-long journey to witness the remarkable transformation of a mediocre company into a team-based top competitor. Your guides are a trio of participant/observers, all key players in achieving this systemic change of classic proportions." --Jerome M. Rosow, president, Work in America Institute, Inc.
"What Works makes a very important contribution by challenging conventional wisdom. The story of Champion International's decade of change illustrates that a fundamental and permanent transformation in corporate culture and performance depAnds on an evolutionary, bottoms-up organizational learning process led by many managers at all levels." --Michael Beer, Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Univesity
"Anyone in a leadership position today, union or management, should read this book. It tells the important story of how labor/management partnerships can make a difference and provide workable solutions to complex problems presented by today's global economy." --Boyd Young, international president, United Paperworkers International Union



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Language English
Pages 181
Published 07/01/1998
Publisher Pfeiffer