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Who Turned Out the Lights?: Your Guided Tour to the Energy Crisis

    By Scott Bittle, Jean Johnson

From the editors of PublicAgenda.org, an entertaining, irreverent, and absolutely essential nonpartisan guide to the energy crisis

Energy: It's a problem that never goes away (despite our best efforts as a nation to ignore it). Why has there been so much talk and so little action? In Who Turned Out the Lights? Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson offer a much-needed reality check: The "Drill, Baby, Drill" versus "Every Day Is Earth Day" battle is not solving our problems, and the finger-pointing is just holding us up.

Sorting through the political posturing and confusing techno-speak, they provide a fair-minded, "let's skip the jargon" explanation of the choices we face. And chapters such as "It's All Right Now (In Fact, It's a Gas)" prove that, while the problem is serious, getting a grip on it doesn't have to be. In the end, the authors present options from the right, left, and center but take just one position: The country must change the way it gets and uses energy, and the first step is to understand the choices.


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From the authors of Where Does the Money Go? : Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis and Who Turned Out the Lights? : Your Guided Tour to the Energy Crisis, comes a new book about an issue of grave national importance that has touched most of our lives recently, and will be central to the political debate this election year. Read more

NEWS & OPINION: Who Turned Out the Lights? - A Guest Post

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As many of you know, the Senate is holding climate change hearings this week. In conjunction with that, we have an article from the authors of Who Turned Out the Lights? : Your Guided Tour to the Energy Crisis. Read more


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