Who's Boss?: Training Children in Self-Management

By Francis H Wise Ph D, Joyce M Wise
Who's Boss? Training Children In Self-Management, second edition, by Francis H. Wise, Ph.D., for parents and educators has been updated to reflect the conflicts of authority in today's society. Baby begins life by being parent managed. Parents must then learn when to patiently and skillfully shift the child from being parent-managed to self-managed. Discover how the five authority relationships affect every human being, and how the misuse of authority create disagreements in the family. Read how and why parents are habit trainers. By using rules, routines and regulations as part of the growth process, the child develops into a responsible, successful adult. Courtesy helps every child to be appreciative and affectionate.


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About the Paperback

Publisher Wise Publications
Publish date 04/24/2017
Pages 214
ISBN-13 9780915766789
ISBN-10 0915766787
Language English