Wicked Strategies: How Companies Conquer Complexity and Confound Competitors

By John C Camillus

In business, some problems are so complex, intractable and threatening to organizations or entire industries that they are best described as wicked. These problems appear to be unsolvable and they render traditional analytical tools of strategy virtually impotent.

Wicked Strategies offers a comprehensive framework for identifying, responding to and profiting from wicked problems. John C. Camillus, drawing on detailed, real-life examples from companies across the globe, has skillfully woven together the analytical techniques, processes and organizational designs that will enable managers to navigate a disruptive marketplace. His feed-forward framework for fashioning wicked strategies empowers firms to presciently transform their business models before they are made obsolete by the competition. Wicked Strategies is a practical and evocative guide that demonstrates how business leaders can profitably capitalize on unknowable futures.



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