The Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See That Others Miss (Updated)

By Ron Adner
How can great companies do everything right--identify real customer needs, deliver excellent innovations, beat their competitors to market--and still fail?

The truth is that many companies fail because they focus too intensely on their own innovations, while neglecting the ecosystems on which their success depends. In our increasingly interdependent world, winning requires more than just delivering on your own promises. It means ensuring that a host of partners--some visible, some hidden--deliver on their promises, too.

Ron Adner draws on over a decade of research and field testing to reveal the hidden structure of success, from Michelin's failed run-flat tires to Apple's path to market dominance. The Wide Lens offers a powerful new set of frameworks and tools that will multiply your odds of innovation success.


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The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation by Ron Adner, Portfolio, 231 pages, $29. 95, Hardcover, March, 2012, ISBN 9781591844600 Of all that’s been written and espoused on innovation over the past several years, it seems a key consideration has often been overlooked, one that Dartmouth College professor Ron Adner has gleaned from years of studying the subject. Adner has now detailed his findings as well as his prescription for greater success at innovation in The Wide Lens, in which cites many examples of companies that failed to check the “innovation blind spot” of their innovation ecosystem and consequently failed with innovations that should have been wild successes. Read more


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