Wireless Dawn.....: Think Wireless to Outthink Your Competition

By Rod Ghani Agha
Leverage wireless technology to leapfrog your business into a brand new millennium Deploy and leverage mobile technology in your organization Increase your field efficiency with wireless technology . How unified messaging will play a key roll in your business processes . How the convergence between voice and data will benefit your bottom line. . What does Location Based Services mean to your business? How will you be communicating in 2012? Soon you will be able to own the dial tone and become the phone company. What dose Communications-Enabled Business Process (CEBP) mean How to escalate your customer calls without human intervention? Is WiMAX the next internet? Field Resource Management(c) (FRM) and mobile communications are the wave of the future. But the forces driving this emerging wireless trend will not passively wait for you and your company. Electronics, mobile communications, and data services are changing so rapidly these days that waiting even one year can leave your company floundering in a technological dark age. FRM(c) solution for your business is a must and it has to be done NOW. The FRM(c) solution will optimize field productivity and create an interactive customer experience. The question should not be a matter of 'should we implement an FRM(c) system?' but 'How long can we afford to wait before it's too late?' This tool shows you, the business executive, the possibilities of wireless technology and exposes you to new ways to free your business. It is your key to understanding why and how you need to embrace, adapt, and implement these mobile trends to better compete in today's global mark

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Publisher Authorhouse
Publish date 04/15/2008
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ISBN-13 9781434379313
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