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Wisdom@work: Insights for 21st Century Worklife Success

By Joann R Corley
The attaining of wisdom in the past has been a life-long pursuit relegated to just a few - for a special population in each culture. Today, however, I believe, there is a desperate need in our western culture for it to become a conscious pursuit for everyone! A pursuit of dealing with and interpreting life in such a way, that as we navigate through our life experiences, we will live smarter creating a better world community. And in that way, leave an example for the next generation as they face new and some of the same challenges of being human. The world is changing in such interesting ways these days and my sense is wisdom is needed now more than ever! Since so much of my time is occupied within the business community as a career and management coach, I've decided to create this "book of wisdom" within the framework of the work life. I believe in reality we all want wisdom, believe that we need it, and want our children to acquire it. What's interesting is I believe we all have it ... our own unique brand of it and some choose to use it more than others. In Working Wisdom - Insights for the 21st century Work Life, you'll find many words of wisdom I've coined, along with words that have inspired and provoked my thinking. They carry with them critical themes I believe are needed to be successful both personally and professionally. Read slowly, listen closely to the words, phrases, impressions and messages lifting off the pages and into your heart, mind, and spirit - so simply stated yet so powerful in impact. Under each statement is a space intentionally left for you to write how that quote impacted you....what wisdom is being stirred within you...write it down...share it with others. Let this book, move you towards and awaken within you your own valuable, needed unique wisdom! It is my hope that through this shared experiences; our professional community can be strengthened and encouraged towards respect and prosperity!


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Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date 05/25/2010
Pages 136
ISBN-13 9781452893389
ISBN-10 1452893381
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