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WITH vs. AT: Two Prepositions That Changed My Life

By Kyla Mitsunaga (Author)
It began with an invitation to speak at TED@Seoul in 2012. Kyla noticed an alarming trend at the university level and conferences across the globe where she spoke: all of the speakers were communicating AT their audiences in a one-directional way. There was very little (if any) interaction between the speaker(s) and their audience(s). It was this approach to communicating that she wanted to change and talk about in her TED Talk.Thus, WITH vs AT was born. Inspired by her students at Yonsei University where she taught in the College English department for 6 years, she wanted to leave something behind for them in the form of a book—a parting gift if you will. Based on questions they would often ask both inside and outside the classroom, she weaves together stories from her own life, advice she wishes she had received in her 20s, and includes activities to engage the reader and have them reading along WITH her. In this innovative and unique look at WITH vs AT across different facets of Kyla’s life from education to love to family, she proves that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to two simple prepositions that she hopes will not only change the way you communicate but the way you lead, love, work (and everything else in between) WITH each other and WITH yourself.


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Publisher Independently Published
Publish date 12/19/2018
Pages 343
ISBN-13 9781791352868
ISBN-10 1791352863